To play truant and to be in the troubles

When it is said a off day.

In  my time, in the seventies, the worry for the one that  “plays hookey”  was to run into some  teacher on the road.

We see now what can happen to a fifteen year-old boy that plays truant at  Vicenza in the morning of November 29th  2010.

This boy gets up from the bed, he does breakfast and he thinks: “this morning I don’t feel like going to school, I will go to make a round trip  in down town.”

He takes the bus but he doesn’t pay the ticket (the cost of the ticket  for the urban net is Euro 1.20).  The inspectors climb. They ask him the ticket, he doesn’t have it, they ask him the documents, it doesn’t have them. So the inspectors  called the agents of the local police.  He tries to escape but  he is taken back and brought  to the Command. The boy furnishes in a first moment false generalities.  The end of this story?

His  parents are tracked down and the little boy reenters to house, he have to  pay a sanction for  having  climbed in bus without ticket,  he  will be report to the Tribunal of the Minor for having furnished false generalities.

I’m thinking about the fable of Pinocchio, about the fairy and the speaking cricket. I’m  thinking  about the happy ending of this fable. I hope that in the same way this boy concludes his experience.

Maurizio Romio

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